Winter at Limberlost Woodturning


Winter has arrived at Limberlost Woodturning and we are enjoying the beautiful snow and ice. This is a time to replenish the stock of bowls, platters and furniture in the shop and prepare for the 2017 season.

I have been working hard at the lathe and have many chucks in use at a time. It is gratifying to see the transformation from raw burls to finished pieces with the application of oil and the final buffing. I have delivered some of the finished tables to my customers and it is wonderful to see my work in their homes. At a recent party, we enjoyed a spread of delicious food with an attractive presentation on my Ash charcuterie board.

The dates for our 2017 studio tours have been set, with the Artists of the Limberlost on August 19-20 and Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour on September 23-24 & September 30 – October 1.

We wish you all the best during the winter season and in 2017!


Elm Burl, Black Poplar Burl and Maple Burl platters and bowls in the drying tent.


Maple Burl and Yellow Birch Bowls on their chucks.




Black Poplar Burl table by Brian Markham with iron base by Matt Church


Ash Charcuterie Board by Brian Markham