Winter at Limberlost Woodturning

Snow covers my studio at Limberlost Woodturning but, inside, I am hard at work at the lathe.

I enjoy the quiet solitude of winter in my workshop and the freedom I have to create bowls and platters from the more extraordinary burls in my stock. I never know what I will find inside the gnarled and flawed surface of the burls and it is always a pleasure to reveal the beauty of nature.

I am preparing for the 2019 Artists of the Limberlost Open Studio Tour which is on August 17 and 18 from 10 am to 5 pm. We have 6 local studios in our Limberlost community, with artists and guests who will welcome you into their studios and show you their art and newest creations.

The process of turning a raw burl into the fine finished bowl or platter is displayed during our tour. Guests love to see the technique and artistry of woodturning and often have questions about my tools and methods. I love to show my stock of raw burls and my work at the lathe to people who have some experience with turning. Taking a piece of Muskoka art home and adding a bowl, platter or table to your collection of art is much more meaningful when you have met the maker, learned about the art and seen how your treasure was made.

Here are a few photos of my most recent bowls and platters. I hope to see you at the Artists of the Studio Tour in August or contact me directly at to make an appointment to visit me in my woodshop.

This Box Elder Burl Bowl is on the lathe with the inner surface freshly turned.
The Box Elder Burl Bowl is on the chuck after receiving the first coat of oil.
I am very pleased with the finished Box Elder Burl Bowl.
It has complicated figuring, distinctive red spalting and bark inclusions.
This Big Leaf Maple Burl was shallow so I turned it in the shape of a platter.
The first coat of oil reveals the beauty of this spectacular platter. The variations in colour and figuring and its live bark edge will make it a showpiece in my studio.
Big Leaf Maple Burl Platter by Brian Markham-Limberlost Woodturning
I hope to see you at my workshop during the studio tour on August 17-18, 2019