Summer Without A Studio Tour

This huge and challenging Yellow Birch Burl was delivered by a local logger.

This summer in Muskoka is unlike any we have experienced and we are maintaining a safe distance from others, wearing masks and slowly watching as our country learns to live with Covid restrictions. We thank all the medical personnel, first responders, caregivers and essential workers who help us through these challenging times. We hope that you and your family are well. Some stores and businesses are opening carefully and there have been many cancellations.

Sadly, the Artists of the Limberlost Studio Tour has been cancelled this year. Art and creativity are so important in our lives but we cannot safely host a tour where visitors are welcomed into our studios. My quiet spring gave me the opportunity to make many new burl pieces and I have been contacted by local loggers who have large burls for sale. It is exciting to look at the large raw burls, cut them carefully and find the art within them.

I have many beautiful bowls, platters and tables. Although I will not be open for a studio tour, I am able to see people by appointment. If you have a special occasion, wedding, retirement, birthday or would like to see my art, contact me and we can find a time for you to visit my workshop  I am able to offer a safe visit following the needs for masks, distance and disinfectant gel. My email is or call me at 705-635-3190.

Keep well, find time in nature and I hope to see you at our 2021 Artists of the Limberlost Studio Tour on August 14-15, or earlier by appointment.

This large yellow birch burl was an easy one to cut.

I have many burls ready to turn. I will cover the cut edge with wax and allow them to dry before turning them into bowls.

A Eucalyptus Burl bowl with deep reds and graceful lines.

A large Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl with bark inclusions and interesting variations of colour and figuring.

This is the last Redwood Burl platter turned from a very large burl that I purchased years ago.

A Maple Burl bowl with distinctive figuring and a live edge.

A Box Elder charcuterie board and bowl with natural red spalting.