Studio Hours on July & August Tuesdays


IMG_1950 (Medium)

We have many calls from local people and visitors to Muskoka wondering if Limberlost Woodturning is open and if they can come by to see my work.  Weddings, retirement gifts, birthdays and special occasions are times when a unique and functional piece of art is an appropriate and appreciated gift.

When we aren’t open for the Artists of the Limberlost and Muskoka Autumn Studio Tours my studio is a workshop.  It can be a mess with piles of burl, stacks of wood, half finished furniture, tools and shavings everywhere.  For many people, it is wonderful to see my art in my working studio where the magic happens. You can watch the process of woodturning in various stages of completion.  It’s funny how often the piece that sells is the one that is still on the chuck in the drying tent.

We have had frequent requests in the summer to come to the studio, so we have designated Tuesdays in July and August from 10 am to 4 pm as our open hours. We sweep up and set out some bowls, platters and cheese trays.

If those times don’t work for you, call me at 705-635-3190 to arrange for an appointment.  My wife Karen and I would love to see you!