Pam Carnochan, Artists of the Limberlost

Watercolours With Wool by Pam Carnochan

One of the benefits of hosting the Artists of the Limberlost Open Studio Tour is that I share my workshop with talented artists who give visitors a sense of the skill and creativity that is present in the Limberlost area. On August 17 and 18, from 10am to 5pm, Pam Carnochan will have her Watercolours With Wool at my studio.

Pam begins her creative process from farm to frame with the wool from her resident sheep. After preparing the wool, she uses a needle to “draw” a painting with her unique medium. All around her are forests, rocks, lakes and paths, the elements of nature that inspire her art.

I hope you can join us for the Artists of the Limberlost Studio Tour and see how the beauty of Limberlost shapes the art of our tour.