Juried Art Show Prize

Huntsville is a town blessed with many talented artists and a vibrant community which showcases and promotes the Arts.  Brian submitted this Elm Burl bowl, entitled “Last of a Species” to the Celebrate the Art Space juried art show and was accepted into the exhibit (September 3 to October 31).
We went to the The Art Space Gallery opening and were thrilled to be honoured with third prize.  Most of the other entrants were painters so it was wonderful to have the three-dimensional art of a wood turner recognized.
This bowl is a very special piece and one that we are keeping for our own home.  It was part of an enormous elm burl removed from a dead tree in the Halifax town square.  Brian was asked if he wanted the burl and he bought the whole thing.  Elms are a dying species because of Dutch Elm Disease and new trees only grow to a small diameter before they die.  Brian’s wood supplier said that he had never seen such a large elm burl and it is unlikely that there will be any more in the future.  We have 3 bowls remaining for sale from the burl.
Most of us grew up loving the stately elms which graced our neighbourhoods.  It was a sad day in my childhood when all the diseased elms (including the one with my swing) were cut down on our farm.  This tree will live on forever in the bowls and platters that Brian has created.