Cherry Burl Bowls

There is a sense of wonder at what occurs in nature.  A Pin Cherry tree is not often a source of beautiful wood for bowls so Brian was surprised when a large knobby burl arrived at his workshop this summer.


The small trunk of the Pin Cherry tree was totally surrounded by a large irregular growth.  The woman who found this burl on her property asked Brian to make bowls for herself and her sons.  The first cut of the chainsaw revealed the beauty of the grain, colour variations and bark inclusions.









Susan was able to see Brian turn the bowls as he demonstrated woodturning at the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour this fall.  She watched as the bowls slowly revealed themselves from the original rough bark to the finished smooth surfaces.  The shape of the bowls and intricate patterns were determined by the innate qualities of the burl.  The three bowls are one of a kind treasures which bring the textures and spirit of the forest to the home.